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Summer Special

Ahhh, Summer time in Virginia Beach!

Nothing beats good ol' "Fun in the Sun"! Well, until you get out of the sun and realize maybe you had a little TOO much fun! Now you're singing the Sunburn Blues! "OOWWWW". Good news!! We've come up with some Cool Jazz to beat those blues!!

First, The "Cool"!

We will apply Cool Aloe to the back, shoulders, arms and legs!

For Sunburns, Aloe Vera can help relieve inflammation and pain, reduce swelling and help repair damaged skin. It also acts as a protective layer over your sensitive skin while providing moisture and locking it in. Aloe is also a great way to nourish the skin to help make your Tan last longer! 

Then, The "Jazz"!

While your skin soaks in all the healing of the Aloe you will receive a heavenly Hand and Foot massage! If you are truly sunburned, it hurts to get a massage! So, we will relax your entire body with soothing massage techniques to the areas least likely to be burned! The hands and the feet! 

"Fun in the Sun" Package

Whether you are sunburned, sunbathed, or just trying to beat the heat, this service is a Perfect Way to show your body and mind some healing love!